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Tournament Paintball Experience

  • 2004
  • Skyball 7   Amateur 1st
  • LA Xball Div II
  • NPPL Huntington Beach Div I 27th
  • NPPL Tampa Div I 16th
  • NEPL Canobie 3rd Open
  • NPPL Denver Div I 11th
  • Northeast Open 5 Man Novice  3rd
  • NPPL Las Vegas Div I  17th
  • Turkey Bowl 2nd
  • 2003
  • MIAMI - The Miami NPPL this summer was great.  Playing with such an experienced team as Eclipse was great.  We were all very focused and only missed the semi's by a few points..
  • World Cup - Playing in Orlando with Powersurge was an interesting trip too. Playing with all the guys I had learned with and hadn't played with really all season.
  • New Jersey - Playing in New Jersey with First Prize Factory was a good time.  Again the weather was nothing to write home about but what are you going to do..
  • Chicago - Playing in Chicago with Formula A was an interesting trip. The weather was horrible the airport sucked..  The list goes on and on..
  • Skyball February 47th
  • N.E.P.L. Cape Cod March  7th
  • PNL Cape Cod April 2nd
  • N.E.P.L. Cape Cod May  2nd
  • 3 Guys Games 5 Man Outdoor June 1st
  • N.E.P.L. Cape Cod July 7th
  • N.E.P.L. Cape Cod Sept Ranking Unknown
  • N.E.P.L. Cape Cod Nov Ranking Unknown


  • 2002 - New England Paintball League Novice
  • Division Overall 1st
  • N.E.P.L. Cape Cod November 1st
  • N.E.P.L. Cape Cod August 2nd
  • N.E.P.L. Birch Hill July 2nd
  • N.E.P.L. Canobie May 8th
  • N.E.P.L. Canobie March 5th
  • Dale White Sportsmanship Award
  • NPPL Atlantic City Open Ranking Unknown
  • NPPL World Cup Ranking Unknown
  • Skyball Ranking Unknown


  • 2001 - NPPL Events Rankings Unknown
  • Skyball  Ranking Unknown

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